Hi I’m Charlotte, I started at Treetops Dental Surgery in July 2019. I have now been here for just over 2 months and I love it here. The team that I am working alongside are so supportive and helpful, each and every one of them made me feel so welcome I now feel part of the Treetops family.

What led me to want to become a dental nurse?,  well my best friend is a fully qualified dental nurse and she always used to talk about how much she loved the practice, the support you get from your team and she just seemed to generally love what she did. So I took it upon myself to apply for the role and I am so glad now that I did.

Where I am training – I am currently doing my training through Education for DentalI am receiving one to one tuition as well as attending a class once a week. Each week I have a work book to complete and submit to my tutor for marking. My tutor will also come and observe me working alongside a dentist at Treetops dental surgery.

What do I want to do once I am fully qualified? – Once I am qualified I would like to have more responsibilities, maybe move on up to head nurse or clinical lead.

What is my favourite treatment here at Treetops? –  At the moment my favourite treatments to assist and observe is the process of a patient having a veneer, the preparation, the picking of the shade to match adjacent teeth and then finally the fit. It is such a wonderful experience, watching the patient finally see their results.

A little bit about me – When I’m not at work I love shopping and going out and socialising with my friends, I also love having family nights where everyone comes around we put on a film and eat a takeaway. I have also recently passed my driving test which I am so pleased about and can’t wait to be driving to and from work which will make my journey a whole lot easier.

My time so far at Treetops has been amazing, the management and the team I work alongside are wonderful I couldn’t pick a fault with any of them or the practice. I’m looking forward to completing my training here at Treetops Dental Surgery.

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