Fun Fact


It is believed that archaeological findings indicate that dental implants were found in France as early as 300BC!  The implants were crude and lacking the technology of today, however the idea of implants has been in existence for a very long time.

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Are Implants Safe?


Yes, dental implants are a well-established treatment, supported by over 30 years of clinical evidence and a 95% success rate or higher. Implants actually improve the health of your jaw.

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Could Implants Be Used On Nervous Patients?


Treetops dental surgery offer a wide range of options for nervous patients, including sedation, please make us aware if you are feeling nervous and we can discuss this with you at your consultation so we can put a plan of action in place going forward.

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Is The Process Uncomfortable?


Treetops Dental Surgery pride ourselves on making our patients as comfortable as possible and Implant surgery is so high tech the majority of our patients have reported it is no worse than having a filling however if there is any discomfort, this can just be managed with basic medication used to treat basic aches [...]

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