We are pleased to announce a new service now available from TePe. If you are struggling to get your favourite TePe products, they can now be purchased online and delivered direct to you.

They have a wide range of:

  • Interdental brushes (all the different sizes)
    • Original
    • Angle
    • Extra soft
    • Easy pick
Tepe Online Shop

Why We Are So Excited

Your oral health is our top priority (along with your well-being). So anything that can contribute to keeping your teeth healthy is a big plus in our books.

Why Should I Clean In-between My Teeth?

The small (interdental) spaces between our teeth can trap food and bacteria that brushing alone can miss. If bacteria is allowed to build up on the surfaces of our teeth, they can actively start to eat away at the tooth structure which will eventually lead to caries (cavities/holes in the teeth).

If you would like some advice on how to use these brushes correctly or just general oral health advice, please do not hesitate to call us today.

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