Our caring and experienced hygienists treat all of our registered patients and patients who self refer under a ‘Direct Access’ contract.

What is ‘Direct Access’?

Dental hygienists are registered dental professionals who help patients maintain their oral health by preventing and treating periodontal disease and promoting good oral health practice.

You are now able to access dental hygiene care without the need to visit a dentist first, yet it is important for patients to understand that this is not in the place of an examination with a Dentist.

Your hygienist cannot diagnose or give the prognosis (the likely outcome) of diseases such as decaying or broken teeth or prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or any other drug to alleviate symptoms.

If your hygienist advises you to see a dentist, it is because they feel that it is in the interests of your health and it is outside the scope of what they are allowed to do.

It is important that we inform you that on rare circumstances your hygienist may not start treatment and they will insist that a dentist assesses you first. This may relate to your medical history and general health, or the condition of your mouth, which gives them concern.


At Treetops Dental Surgery we also offer cutting-edge AIRFLOW polishing for a faster, gentler and more effective clean. Providing an enhanced alternative to a traditional scale and polish, AIRFLOW uses a fine stream of air mixed with water and powder to polish your teeth, remove plaque from areas brushing often misses, and gently lift away stains. In addition to treating gum disease and giving your teeth a thorough clean, AIRFLOW is great as a preparation for teeth whitening or to maintain its long-term results. AIRFLOW may also be recommended if you’ve had restorations or dental implants – all of which require careful monitoring of oral hygiene. It is also great for anyone who wears braces, enabling us to clean more effectively during treatment, and restore your enamel to full health afterwards.

A build up of plaque and tartar is the main cause of gum disease. Flossing between the teeth and brushing twice a day will help to remove the build up of deposits. Along with regular visits to the dentist, we can help keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

Our hygienists are highly skilled and offer a range of services to help maintain a healthy smile. Our aim is to prevent and protect through regular hygiene appointments supported by dental examinations.

We have hundreds of satisfied oral hygiene patients from across the country and take great pride in the dental hygiene treatments we offer. Our aim is to continue communicating the importance of dental health and hygiene and ultimately lessen the need for invasive dental treatment later on in life. 

Please book your appointment so that we can examine your teeth and help to keep plaque and tartar at bay.

Can I do anything to prevent oral hygiene problems occurring?

Maintaining a rigorous cleaning programme at home is vital if you want to minimise hygienist appointments. Our hygienist will give you advice and tips not only about how to clean your teeth, but also about diet and general lifestyle

How often should I see my hygienist?

We generally recommend seeing the hygienist twice a year, though if you’ve had dental implants or tooth restorations, we may need to see you more frequently to ensure your prosthetic teeth are being properly maintained. If you have a history of gum disease then you may be advised to attend quarterly.

Does it hurt to get a scale and polish?

Not usually, though if your gums are very sensitive the hygienist can use anaesthetic gel to alleviate any discomfort.

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