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If your teenager (or yourself) are not happy with the way their teeth look, then Invisalign Teen may be the ideal treatment for them.

In the first instance, we will asses their teeth to determine if this treatment will be the most suitable for their needs.

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What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen fulls under the main Invisalign umbrella, utilising the latest technology to straighten patients teeth with clear (almost) invisible aligners. As aptly named, Teen is aimed at teenage patients who would like to have straight teeth, but in a more discrete way.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign Teen?

Like all treatments under the Invisalign umbrella, the system consists of a series of clear aligners that gradually reposition your teeth over a period of time. They can treat minor to more complex cases (identified at the initial assessment).

Growing up can be difficult as we all know. This can be made worse if your not quite happy with a part of your body e.g. the look of your teeth. Getting them corrected is very common, and traditionally this is done with metal braces.

One of the main (and most obvious) benefit about using Invisalign Teen is that they have been developed as a discrete alternative to braces. So your teenager can undergo treatment and it will be hard for their friends to even tell!

And as we all know and can relate to – a happy teenager, a happy life…

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Invisalign Teen Procedure

Invisalign Teen has the same procedure and process as other Invisalign treatments. The only difference is that the patient is a teenager. After your assessment and you are classed as dentally fit (no underlying issues with your teeth) an impression of your teeth will be taken and then sent to the Invisalign laboratory for your custom made trays to be made.

When they arrive back it will be a simple appointment where you collect the first series of aligners and your dentist will show your teen how to easily put them in. We will give you the best practices with wearing the aligners, and how long each set of aligner should be worn (roughly changing them every 2 weeks). You will need to see your dentist every 6-8 weeks (may vary) for a progress appointment. They will be checking to ensure your treatment plan is on its way to the end result of straight teeth.

As you finish treatment, you will be given a retainer, which is important to wear, to keep your teeth from relapsing (your dentist will advise you on best practices in terms of wear).

How Do I Know Which Brace System Is Right For Me?

At Treetops Dental Surgery, our patients will have a consultation with our orthodontic provider – so you can be sure you or your child will get the most up-to-date advice on the treatment that is most likely to deliver the results you want.

Fun Fact

Our Orthodontic provider has been fully qualified for over 6 years and has improved over 400 smiles!

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