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Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or in more serious situations multiple teeth, it can be very distressing and can have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your smile, the way you talk, and how you enjoy your favourite foods. 

Dental implants are a way to securely replace your missing teeth.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is one of the best, and long term ways to replace a missing tooth.

An implant is a titanium screw which is placed into the jaw bone, essentially acting like the root of a tooth. After a suitable healing period, a crown is then placed on top of the implant which mimics the look of a tooth and is the part visible in the mouth.


The implant process for a single tooth replacement usually takes around 4 - 8 months depending on healing times, and is completed over a number of visits to the surgery.

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Why would you want dental implants?

Missing teeth is no fun. They can have a negative effect on our looks, which in turn impacts our self-confidence. It will also affect the functionality within our mouths. For example eating can be more difficult and it may cause further complications if you favour a particular side to chew on e.g. overloading your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) muscles can lead to TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) – causing a variety of symptoms such as:

Headaches; Myofascial pain; Clicks in the jaw; Pressure behind the eyes

If you have lost a tooth or multiple missing teeth, we are here to help you explore the best options to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us on 01902 842 555 – We will be with you every step of the way!

What Implants do you use at Treetops Dental?

Lots of people who are considering an Implant are very concerned about which brand of Implant you use as this can have an effect on the success of the procedure.  We are proud to say that we use Straumann implants, which are the global leaders in implantology and are renowned for their Swiss quality and precision.  

How can I find out more?

We offer an implant assessment with our implant surgeon Dr Sanjeev Ramrakha. He has been placing implants for many years, and his bio can be found on our 'About' page.

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth and would like to discuss your gap management options, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your appointment.

  • What is an implant?
    The implant is a high tech plug that replaces the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone using state of the art equipment and techniques and is made from super-strong biocompatible titanium – to which your jaw bone will eventually bond to, once your jaw has bonded to the implant, a prosthetic tooth can be screwed into your implant. Implants are a safe, well-established treatment. It’s probably true to say that implants, much like natural teeth, will last for as long as you care for them. How well you look after your implants – and whether you go for your regular maintenance appointments – will have the biggest impact on how long they will last. If you don’t look after your implants they will develop a coating similar to what you get on neglected natural teeth. Left untreated, this can lead to gum infection, bleeding, soreness and general discomfort. You could get all these problems with natural teeth however just like natural teeth, if your implants are well looked after, and if the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy, you can expect them to last for many years. However, just as with other surgical implants (such as a hip replacement) there is no lifetime guarantee.
  • Can anyone have an implant?
    Implants can only be considered for healthy mouths – so some patients may find that the process of getting implants will first require other dental work, such as bone grafting, gum surgery or orthodontics, if this is the case we would refer you in-house to one of our other clinicians for this treatment, we would ensure this process would be a seamless patient journey. To book an appointment at Treetops Dental Surgery for an initial consultation to assess your suitability for implants just call on 01902 842 555
  • How long does it take?
    It can vary between 3-6 months depending on the complexity of your case, this will be discussed with you during your consultation.
  • Are implants safe?
    Yes, dental implants are a well-established treatment, supported by over 30 years of clinical evidence and a 95% success rate or higher. Implants actually improve the health of your jaw.
  • Is the process uncomfortable?
    Treetops Dental Surgery pride ourselves on making our patients as comfortable as possible and Implant surgery is so high tech the majority of our patients have reported it is no worse than having a filling however if there is any discomfort, this can just be managed with basic medication used to treat basic aches and pains.
  • How quickly can I go back to work?
    We recommend you take it easy on the day of surgery, however the next day just return as normal, if you are experiencing any discomfort this should be minimal, so can be managed with normal painkillers.
  • Can nervous patients have implants?
    Treetops Dental Surgery offer a wide range of options for nervous patients, including sedation, please make us aware if you are feeling nervous and we can discuss this with you at your consultation so we can put a plan of action in place going forward.
  • A fun fact
    It is believed that archaeological findings indicate that dental implants were found in France as early as 300BC! The implants were crude and lacking the technology of today, however the idea of implants has been in existence for a very long time.
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