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General Dental Care


Healthy smiles for life

Treetops Dental Surgery provides a full range of general dental treatments from routine check ups, fillings, hygienist visits to crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.  We are recognised by the dental industry to give the highest quality of care to our patients whether their needs are basic or complex. 

General dentistry starts with your routine dental examinations and these are key to ensuring optimal dental health.  On these visits not only are your teeth and gums examined for cavities and signs of decay,  but also the overall condition of your mouth, tongue, lips and throat. The positive news is that some oral diseases will form a long time before the symptoms become apparent to you, and if detected early by your dentist, it can be treated rapidly with an excellent chance of prevention or cure.  Therefore, a routine examination is an appointment that does so much more than just a check up.  When treatment is prescribed, every treatment plan is designed around each individual patient’s needs.

We also provide specialised treatments such as Implants, Endodontics, Periodontics and Orthodontics, and are proud to say that we are a referring practice for other dental practices who are not able to offer some of these specialised treatments.  This illustrates the confidence our dental peers have in the service and care we provide.

We are also incredibly lucky to have a dental laboratory on-site, meaning that the dentists can work closely with the technician ensuring that all work is carried out to the highest of standards.  This also allows us to offer, same day denture repairs to Treetops and Non Treetops patients.

Our Treetops Dental Plans allow our patients to commit to their routine examinations and general dental well being through monthly payments.

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