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Facial Aesthetics

As well as caring for all aspects of your dental health, we also offer you the opportunity to make a noticeable difference to your skin and how you look, with our safe, effective non surgical facial treatments. 


They can create a smoother and younger looking skin or enhance aspects of your facial features, helping you smile more and frown less.

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Dental clinicians are uniquely placed to incorporate facial aesthetics into their existing daily treatments. As highly skilled healthcare professionals and independent prescribers, they find the transition into aesthetic medicine a natural process. From day one of their professional aesthetic training, dental clinicians have the superb hands-on skills to inject toxins and fillers. Through years of training and practicing interventions in the oral cavity requiring fine motor skills, clinicians naturally bring excellent transferable skills that are readily applied to cosmetic solutions. 

In addition Dental Practices are registered with the CQC who monitor and inspect dental practices, ensuring they are safe environments to visit.  Furthermore, all dental clinicians are registered with their governing body; The General Dental Council.  The GDC set stringent professional standards, they hold a register of qualified dental professionals, they quality assure continual professional education and they investigate concerns about treatment or conduct.

You can see why facial aesthetics delivered by a dental clinician is one of the safest ways to help you achieve your new look.

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