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July 2023 Newsletter

Happy July to Everyone

We have another uplifting and exciting edition to share with you. As you read through our celebratory newsletter you will see we have had so many birthdays and anniversaries, in addition we proudly applauded one of our lovely patients who had his first book published - congratulations Clint! Also, our very own Polly Bhambra has introduced her Blog Page on the Treetops website, this is such a great listen! We have also extended our Invisalign promotional offer due to such demand and we have introduced a tooth whitening special promotion and we have so many amazing Treetops Gallery Transformations!

As part of 'Our Commitment to Our Community', last month we introduced Base 25 to you all, this is a Wolverhampton based Mental Health Charity who work with approximately 9000 children and young people and 1000 adults each year, waiting times for public funded mental health services can be as long as 18 months. These figures are a stark reminder how the vulnerable could slip through the net without their support.

We are incredibly honoured to work alongside this charity, raising awareness of the support that is on our doorsteps and to raise as much money as we can! This is where we ask for your help .........we are donating £5 for every Google Review we receive. This has been so successful in our previous campaigns for Compton Hospice and The Haven, allowing us to raise a whopping £1500 between them!

Please help support Treetops to support Base 25 over the next few months and click on this QR Code and leave the team a Google Review.

To find out more about Base25, just check out their website on their social media pages: or IG base25_

Thanks for being such amazing patients!



We have had a lovely month celebrating National Smile Month.

National Smile Month is a nationwide campaign fronted by the Oral Health Foundation to raise awareness of important Oral Health issues.

This year's theme was `Brush for Better Health`. Twice daily toothbrushing is the cornerstone to good oral health. It is important because it removes plaque. If the plaque isn't removed, it continues to build up, feeding on the bits of food left behind and causing tooth decay and gum disease.

See below some interesting facts

In the UK, around 1 in 3 people do not brush twice a day 1 in 4 regularly skip brushing Poor tooth brushing habits are a key factor in UK adults having visible plaque 31% of people are suffering from signs of tooth decay 74% of people have had teeth extracted.

We are so lucky at Treetops as we see most of our patients on a regular basis and most will not fall into any of the statistics above! So please continue to brush twice a day and visit your Treetops dentist and hygienist regularly! Please see the Treetops Team having fun and promoting National Smile Month!

Don`t they look as pretty as a picture!


We can proudly announce that we have introduced a new feature on our website called Polly`s Blogs!

Periodically we will be uploading blogs and podcasts that our Practice Owner Polly Bhambra has recorded were she will be discussing all things dentally related.

Why not take a look at her blog - `Building a 10 practice dental business, based on what you learnt from your Dad`.

In this podcast Polly was interviewed by two of the leading dental business consultants; Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter. It really is a great listen where you hear about Polly`s unique childhood and career pathway...we are super proud!

Just pop over to our website and click on `Polly`s Blog` (after you have read our newsletter of course!)


Colleague of the Month

As our regular readers know, each month we hold a Treetops Colleague of the Month presentation. Our team members are asked to vote for a colleague that has demonstrated some of our Treetops core values. A team member that has:

Added a real positive vibe to their month

Has been inspired by their work ethic

Gone above and beyond with an open mind

Has demonstrated something special towards each other

We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and camaraderie, so what better way to add an extra layer of appreciation than acknowledging each other and showing how we value each other.

So for the month of June our worthy winner was Lexie!

Here are a few of the lovely words Lexie`s colleagues had to say that earned her the coveted title of "Colleague of the Month"

She has come on so much in the last month. She has had amazing feedback from clinicians. Lexie helps the clinicians day run smoothly. I am very proud of her progress

I have heard Lexie offer to help a patient out to her car with her bags as she was elderly. This showed compassion and care to patients.

Lexie has really matured with her approach to work over the last few months. She is professional and organised, she is always keen to help & motivated to learn.

Lexie has developed so much over the past couple of months – professional, proactive, enthusiastic, dedicated to learning and growing, Lexie be proud! We are!


Denplan really is the most cost effective way of being a Private Treetops Patient, the savings in 2023 will be even greater, watch this space...

June`s 2023 'Denplan Awards Winner' saved an absolutely massive £1896 in the past twelve months by being a Treetops Denplan member!

What would you spend your savings on?

The most regular question we are asked is, 'I have been a patient of Treetops for years, am I still allowed to join?' The answer is YES!

Just call our friendly reception team on 01902 842 555, signing up really is easy, the sooner you join the sooner you save!


We formally invite you....existing and new patients.

Keeping your dental health a priority in 2023 is our focus. We therefore invite all of our patients who are not on one of our dental plans the opportunity to join. Our private fees increased on January 1st 2023 and this has highlighted even more, the savings you can make by being a member of Treetops Denplan.

If you would like more information or to simply register, please call our friendly reception team.


I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few questions I am commonly asked when giving an Invisalign consultation. I feel this is helpful if you are thinking of getting Invisalign but perhaps hesitant because you are not quite sure of the terminology.

So to help you out here is a list of the most common terms and what they mean!..

The Invisalign Round Up, what is it?

Near Invisible Removal Braces

How does it work?

Custom made aligners (similar to mouthguards) move teeth with light and continuous force into better positions

What are the benefits?

Functional - we can improve your bite

Practical - aligned teeth are easier to clean

Cosmetic - straight teeth contribute to a beautiful smile

What are the drawbacks?

Worn for 22 hours per day for anywhere between 6 - 18 months - but patients say they get used to this!

What else should I know?

Invisalign is regarded as one of the most advanced and predictable aligner systems worldwide

There are loads of “other” ways to straighten teeth but you must be careful as some of these are not carried out by professionals

There are no age limits with Invisalign, you just need healthy teeth!

Once treatment is finished retainers (worn for life at night time) must be worn

You will be seen at least every six weeks to check for tooth decay, gum disease, tooth movement and gum recession.

At Treetops we work together to ensure your functional, practical and cosmetic goals are met

You can save money by attending our open day :)

What do patients think?

Most patients are surprised by what can be achieved. Deep bites, underbites, crowding, teeth away from the midline - you name it, it is exciting how much we can transform your smile with Invisalign.

All patients are ecstatic that tooth whitening and retainers are included

From our last open day and ever since our patients have had babies, planned weddings, had grandchildren, and travelled far and wide all whilst wearing Invisalign

It’s tricky to remember to take them in and out for eating and drinking BUT practice makes perfect!

Why not join us and take advantage of our Promotional offer below and get yourself a smile to be proud of at a fantastic price!


Can I spread the cost of my treatment?

YES....We are delighted to offer our patients V12 Interest Free Credit over a 6 to 24 month period. In addition, following requests from patients we also offer interest bearing credit over a 36 - 60 month period.

A large number of our patients have expressed how easy the application procedure is and how extremely quickly the acceptance comes through. To find out more..


Wow in June we sure had some celebrating to do! We had the pleasure of sharing five Team Birthdays and four Treetops Anniversaries!

We wished Happy Birthday to Practice owner Polly Bhambra, Melissa our lovely Dental Nurse and three members of our fabulous Reception Team, Linda, Kerrie and Jodie.

Also Happy 5 year Anniversary to Dentist Dr Amandeep Bhamber, Happy 4 year Anniversary to Hygiene Therapist Kaye, Happy 1 year Anniversary to Reception Team member Vivienne and last but not least Happy Anniversary to Naomi who has been part of the Treetops Team for a massive 7 years! She must love us really!

We look forward to celebrating many more Birthdays and Anniversaries with these valued Treetops Team members! .


'Why should you be true to your teeth? ....So they're not false to you!'

Thankfully our Dentistry is better than our jokes! Here is a fantastic example of a silver amalgam filling to a white natural looking composite. Well done Dr Amit Pankhania and Nurse Emma

Our Dentist`s have an abscess-ion with teeth..!

From a broken and uncomfortable silver amalgam filling to a bright and perfectly formed white composite filled tooth. Thanks to Dr Amit Pankhania and Nurse Emma for this marvelous composite build up!

Well done both!

'A smile is happiness right under your nose'..

Dr Bhamber`s patient first disclosed to him that she was self conscious of her smile, she felt that the bottom of her teeth were cramped, which made cleaning more difficult and she disliked her top teeth because she felt they were not symmetrical.

Dr Bhamber showed his patient what her possible outcome would be using a smile simulator on an Itero scanner (see pictures below). His patient was over the moon with the result and couldn’t wait to get started. Dr Bhamber quickly got to work with a scan, then formed a treatment plan and guided her through her Invisalign journey.

Now after just 9 months our patient has completed treatment and is beyond happy with her results.

Fantastic results Dr Bhamber and Team

‘The perfect smile does exist!.'

Wow! To make a smile transformation this amazing, it can only mean one thing… Dr Amandeep Bhamber and Nurse Jo have been working their dentistry magic again!

Here we see a lovely example of composite veneers and how they should look. After time spent polishing to perfection, they look natural and healthy.

Well done both, this is a lovely result.

‘Dr Asad Butt`s composite filling got us grinning from ear to ear!.'

What a wonderful example of a posterior composite for Dr Butt`s first unveiling to the Treetops Gallery.

Patient presented with two visible previous fillings that needed replacing, he is so happy with two perfectly matching and barely visible composite fillings. They are now both functional, and restored to the tooth's natural strength and appearance.

Well done Dr Butt and Nurses Amelia and Jodie

'Be the smile in a room full of frowns!.'

Dr Butt is certainly making us smile with his fantastic composite work!

This tooth has gone from being decayed and unsightly to being a healthy, functional, good looking tooth!

You are spoiling us Dr Butt, Nurse Jodie and Nurse Amelia


We have the absolute pleasure to announce that not only do we have a talented Poet, Artist and Actor as patients, we can now add 'Author' onto our patient list of talents!

Clint Evans has just had his first children’s book published; “The Cloud who was afraid of heights”!

Well done Clint! What an amazing achievement.

If you would like to purchase a copy then just click on the link below


We are listening, change is happening..

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us, we have listened and acted. We have increased the amount of parking spaces available for our patients. We hope you have noticed the difference. There will be days when we are very busy and parking may still be difficult yet we do sincerely hope that you will know on these days we have done all we can to make parking much easier.

Thank you

The Treetops Team


Checking In & Checking Out

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us, we have listened and acted. To help ease congestion in the reception area and to make your checking In and Out run more smoothly we are trialing a new system.

When the signs are up please:

Thank you from the Treetops Team


s always if you like our newsletters, please do not keep them a secret, feel free to share them far and wide.

Not forgetting if the Treetops Team and their Newsletters make you smile, we would love you to leave us a GOOGLE REVIEW, it really has never been easier... just hover your camera over our QR Code or visit our Website and click on Write a Review.

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