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Polly's Blog -Building a 10 Practice Dental Business based on what you learned from your Dad

It's almost a year since I recorded this podcast with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter two of the leading consultants in the Dental Environment.

It was a great opportunity to reflect as we came out of Covid 19 and were still managing all of the restrictions and safety concerns.

In the Podcast, you will hear about my unique childhood and career pathway

  • About my childhood - one of five children of Indian immigrant parents from India who arrived with nothing in the 1960's;

  • How my father (known locally as "Mr. Singh") grew his own business and instilled in us a work-ethic and people-ethic that forms the core values of Tri-Dental today;

  • Why “respect” is one of those core values;

  • Why “bitching is bullying” and what to do about it;

  • The 4 questions I always ask myself when interviewing new team members and clinicians;

  • How Tri-Dental onboard new team members and then keep them self-motivated;

  • My own unique career pathway (no spoilers here - but you’ll never guess);

  • Why and how I bought a derelict dental practice in 2006 and how it has grown into Tri-Dental;

  • Dealing with the current recruitment and retention crisis;

  • What to do and say when a team member presents you with a better offer from a new Employer and asks you to match it.;

  • How I saw the next 18 months in Dentistry in the UK. Listen and see how much has actually come around!

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