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The Twin Dentists and launching the Dental Nurse Association

Polly Bhambra interviews Hassan and Hussein Dalghous, as they explain what drives them in dentistry and why they launched the Dental Nurse Association.

Please introduce yourself, who is Hussein and who is Hassan and why did you both become dentists?

Hassan: We both studied dentistry in Valencia, where we developed a deep fascination with the transformative impact that dental treatments can have on people's lives.

This wasn’t just about the technical aspects of dentistry however, but also about the confidence and joy that a healthy, natural smile can bring.

We started Yorkshire Dental Suite in 2016, alongside our father, Dr Abdul Dalghous.

Initially, we were hands-on and treated patients ourselves, a responsibility that allowed us to hone our skills and understand the ins and outs of patient care.

However, as our practice grew, so did our vision.

We transitioned into leadership roles, focusing on enhancing the practice's operational efficiency and patient experience. 

Our aim now is to provide not just industry-leading treatments, but an exceptional journey for our patients.

We strive to make our practice a place where people look forward to their visits, confident that they will receive high-quality care in a first-class, welcoming environment.

We’ve seen firsthand how dentistry can change and impact people’s lives and give them more confidence, which has real benefits.

It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it’s so exciting to be part of it.

Hussein: Although we both respect dentists hugely and love dentistry and the treatments, we enjoy looking for ways to improve the journey, and providing a better service for patients.

As we progressed in our careers, we realised that our passion extended beyond individual patient care. We found immense satisfaction in improving the overall patient experience and pushing the boundaries of what a dental practice could offer.

In life, you’ve got to do what makes you happy.

Although we enjoyed treating patients, we really love what we’re doing now at the forefront of the business.


How have you built up such a big profile in such a relatively short career?

Hassan: We’ve built up such a huge profile by taking aggressive, bold action with confidence.

So many people have great ideas, but don’t know how to execute them. We have great ideas, and we know how to execute them – that’s the difference.

Hussein: We think outside the box and do things differently, by playing to our strengths rather than our weaknesses.

We’ve built up a great team around us and, together, we really can achieve anything we set our minds to.


You launched the Dental Nurse Association – what is this and what drove you to launch the association? 

Hassan: The Dental Nurse Association (DNA) is a supportive and empowering platform for dental nurses in the UK and other parts of the world.

We listen to their concerns, offer guidance, and recognise their achievements, something that is unfortunately rare in many dental practices. 

Generally, the work of dental nurses is overlooked in dentistry. They’re often not rewarded for their work and made to feel like an add-on rather than a valued part of the patient’s treatment journey.

Hussein: The inspiration for the initiative stemmed from a random act of kindness.

After a particularly busy month, we gifted bracelets to our dental nurses as a token of appreciation. The gesture resonated deeply, and the video we posted on social media went viral, highlighting the often-overlooked contributions of dental nurses. 

We received an overwhelming response from dental nurses across the country who felt undervalued in their current roles and wanted more from their employers.

This feedback inspired us to create DNA.


What reception did the DNA received and what are the future plans for the association? 

Hassan: The reception was unbelievable, we had 1,400 people join the DNA when it first launched. There’s currently an active WhatsApp group with over 800 members in, for dental nurses to chat, offer advice and learn from one another. 

We've held events in cities like London, Leeds, and Manchester, and plan to expand these to include award ceremonies to celebrate the hard work and dedication of dental nurses. 

Hussein: As for the future, we’d like to launch a training academy for dental nurses, where they can up skill and better themselves. 

We also want to verify dental practices through the DNA, so that dental nurses can choose to work for practices where they know they will be valued and supported.

We want to set the standards for dental nurses, so they receive nothing less than what they deserve.


What are your thoughts on the state of dental nursing at the moment? 

Hassan: We’ve been a driving force in the implementation of better standards for dental nurses within dental practices.

We push for the rights of nurses, as well as encouraging a better working environment. 

Hussein: Unfortunately, there’s still work to be done, but we’re proud to have kickstarted something great.


What are your future plans for YDS and beyond? 

Hassan: We’re the number one cosmetic dental brand in the UK, and our mission at the moment is to expand to different locations across the country, allowing everyone to be able to access our treatments and quality of care.

This year, we will be opening several new practices, bringing our innovative treatments, like our Nanofill Composite Bonding, to a wider audience.

We also want to focus on full mouth implant treatments, making them accessible to more people across the country.

Hussein: As well as growing the practice, we’d also like to share our knowledge with others.

We believe in the power of preventative care and want to educate people, especially children, on how to maintain good oral health. 

Obviously, the NHS is under a lot of pressure at the moment, and by educating people on how to care for their teeth, we can help alleviate some of that pressure.

By promoting better oral care and offering advanced treatments, we hope to see more people with healthy, fixed teeth.

We look forward to the future as we continue to make a difference to the lives of our patients and leave our mark on the world of dentistry.

It’s an exciting time for us.

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