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November 2023 Newsletter

Happy November One and All

As the nights draw in and the winter wardrobe reveals itself, we hope we find you all fit and well as we welcome in the month of November. Although it is getting chillier and the days shorter, the roaring fires, autumnal colour and crisp morning walks remind us of the beauty of the autumn season.

This month I wanted to share with you an inspiring story about one of Treetops' own…

Whenever a team member shares that they are moving to pastures new, you ask yourself many questions as to why they are leaving and could we have done better? However, the curiosity and excitement of what challenge they are taking on next always prevails. In the case of Jo, when she told me what her next chapter was going to be and what led her there I was filled with pride, inspiration, and gratitude. The last few team members that have moved on from the Treetops have done so to follow their dreams and Jo is a fantastic example of this.

Jo worked at the BDH (Birmingham Dental Hospital) where she had been a lead nurse for 15 years working with Periodontal Specialists. In 2022 she took the bull by the horns and moved back to Treetops Dental where she had trained many moons before. Her focus was to develop more in private practice and based on what she heard about the Treetops Journey and our reputation through professionals and patients alike, she decided that Treetops was the only practice for her - we were thrilled! Jo has been a truly valued member of the team since she joined, so when she shared that she had been offered an incredible opportunity, I needed to know more…Jo had been invited to apply to the GDC (General Dental Council) and had been offered a position with them. What an honour and achievement for her to be offered this role!

It is what Jo shared next, that made me stand up taller with complete pride for every one of the Treetops Team. She shared that she would never have had the confidence or self-belief to apply for and accept this position without the incredible supporting and nurturing culture at Treetops. In Jo’s words "being part of the Treetops Team has developed and inspired me to achieve more and I can not thank you all enough". As you can imagine we are so sad to see Jo leave us, yet knowing the positive stepping stone we have been and the role we have played in her new career move we honestly could not be prouder or more excited for her. Jo is nervous at leaving clinical dentistry yet is excited about this next challenge. She has ‘felt the fear and done it anyway’, safe in the knowledge that the Treetops Family is with her every step of the way - We are proud of you Jo!

A story like this can inspire all of us to take on new challenges and chase our dreams.

I close with this final thought from Eleanor Roosevelt;

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

We wish you the warmest and best of November’s.

Kind regards as always



Treetops congratulates Amit and his family on the birth of their baby boy and we also say a huge Thankyou to all of his patients!

Firstly we would like to congratulate Amit and his wife Manisha on the birth of their beautiful baby boy. Amit is now on paternity leave and we completely understand how changing appointments can be frustrating. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your understanding on receiving Kerrie’s calls to rearrange your appointments.

We are delighted that Dr Sindy Casto & Dr Vicki Barchha have opened up their diaries to offer appointments to Amit’s patients. This has enabled everyone to be seen on the day or within a few days of their initial appointment and most importantly before the Christmas Festive period. For those that have not met Sindy or Vicki before, we understand that change can be a little unnerving yet please allow us to reassure you that they are highly trained, very experienced and incredibly caring in their approach to deliver clinical excellence.

You are in safe hands!


At this time of year we’re all beginning to look forward to the festive seasons ahead, including Bonfire night and perhaps for most of us Christmas. We all love surprises. Whether that’s in the form of being woken up by our kids wearing scary costumes for Halloween. (I myself will still never forgive my youngest for being so excited that he woke me up in full zombie costume hovering over me.) Or nice surprises under the Christmas tree, maybe a new electric toothbrush or a dusting cloth to re-invigorate the old one that’s been in the cupboard since June! I digress, as dentists we are well aware of the surprises that are less than welcome. That bit of filling or tooth that broke off a while ago, but you’ve been putting off getting seen to because we all know - life is busy. Teeth however have a strange way of knowing it’s the holiday season too, and like to make their presence known (after being silent for months) either when you’ve got the in-laws around for Christmas or when you’ve got that toy to assemble Christmas Eve for the next morning (yes I’m talking about Amazon go-karts in 350 pieces for self assembly!). Or just before that New Year’s Eve party.

So my message for a happy drama free festive season is please do get any minor problems that have been on the back burner for a while checked over by us. Even if you don’t think you have any current issues book a check up so we can give you a reassuring MOT because after all we are all experts in diagnosing problems and heading them off at the pass before they interrupt your quality time this year. We will always aim to see you the same day if your minor problem turns into a more major one. The best way is always prevention, book a checkup now with any of us dentists to ensure all seasonal surprises are welcome (we at least want to share in all your festive plans and commiserate over go-kart building!). In the meantime go easy on those Brazil nuts and pork scratching's and don’t steal too many of the kids toffee apples and sweets before you’ve had the ok by the Treetops Team - and feel free to bring any leftover samples in! We understand that life gets ahead of us sometimes, let us look after you and book that appointment before Christmas.

We cant wait to see you!



We have recently seen an increase in patients asking what services we offer here at Treetops Dental Surgery, so just in case you have not had the pleasure of meeting them before, we would like to introduce to you our very own team of dentists who have special interests:

Our Specialists

Mr Chris Burn; Endodontic Specialist Mr Hardeep Sahota; Periodontic Specialist

In addition, we have

Mr Sanjeev Ramrakha; MSc in Implants Dr Vis Pather; Dentist with a Special Interest in Orthodontics

Feel free to speak to our friendly reception team if you would like more information.


Denplan really is the most cost-effective way of being a private Treetops patient.

September`s 2023'Denplan Awards Winner' saved a huge £2041.00 being a new Denplan member!

What would you spend your savings on?

The most regular question we are asked is, 'I have been a patient of Treetops for years, am I still allowed to join?'

The answer is YES!

Offering patients the option of budgeting for their dental care has allowed us to support our patients to keep their dental health a priority and we will continue to do this.

We therefore invite all of our patients who are not on one of our dental plans the opportunity to join. Our private fees will increase on January 1st 2024 and this will highlight even more, the savings you can make by being a member of Treetops Denplan.

If you would like more information or to simply register, please call our friendly reception team.


'Take your smile to the next level with whiter teeth.'

From shade A3.6 to a brilliant A1 shade with Boutique teeth whitening. Dr Asad Butt and Nurse Jodie you are spoiling us.

'It may seem like a little thing, but little things make a big difference'

Below, we see a beautiful example of Dr Amandeep Bhamber's technical skills.

Our patient presented with front teeth slightly out of proportion with the teeth adjacent to them. No need for invasive treatments, just a simple 'composite veneers’ either side to allow the teeth to look level and straight, giving this patient a natural smile to be proud of!

We would be 'beaming' too!

'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'

Here we have not only a fantastic example of dentistry but also an example of the Treetops team spirit and passion for our patients.

Dr Peter Reece and Nurses Lexie and Amelia were recently visited by a young patient who had unfortunately suffered a mouth trauma by falling off his bicycle and hitting the pavement chipping his three front teeth. Thankfully our patient wasn`t too hurt apart from his teeth and his pride. Luckily for us we have a fantastic on site laboratory technician; Steve Churm who assisted Dr Reece by creating a diagnostic wax-up of our patients broken teeth that allowed Dr Reece to build up the chipped areas with composite. As you can see by our photographs below you would never believe they were of the same patient !!

He has his natural smile back again and has been warned not to carry a cricket bat while riding a bicycle!

'Because everyone deserves to wear a gold crown once in their lives'

We share with you a before and after photograph with a difference today. Here we have Dr Amandeep Bhamber and nurse Jo presenting a start to finish gold crown.

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a gold crown. Gold crowns are able to withstand heavy forces from chewing. Additionally, they are less prone to chipping or breaking, making them a long-lasting dental option.

Well done Dr Bhamber and Nurse Jo, what a fantastic result!


October at Treetops was a little on the spooky side. The Surgery welcomed an 18ft spider web complete with 6ft spider on the roof that we have affectionately called Nigel, as well as cobwebs and spooky garlands and decorations!

To complete the Halloween vibe our wonderfully talented Lab Technician Steve held a team quiz that included creepy masks and lots of spooky questions to set us up for trick or treating! The winners ended up as a very controversial three way tie between teams Kerry and Viv, Nikki and Emma and Louise and Sindy. Well done everyone for taking part!

October also brought with it two team Birthdays for our Implant Dentist Sanjeev and Nurse Jo. We hope they both had a lovely day. Then two team anniversaries with Nurse Mel who has been with us now since 2019 and Dentist Dr Peter Reece who has been with us since 2017!

We also celebrated 'World Boss Day' with our wonderful Practice Owner Polly Bhambra.

Thank you Polly for all that you do for us, your support and dedication means so much to us all.

Last but not least October saw us at our annual Skills and Training day in the fantastic Wolverhampton Molineux Football ground. We all had such a fantastic time. After a warm welcome from our hosts Polly Bhambra, Jaswinder Jandu and Guloo Virdee, we broke off into our professional groups and our training began! The Treetops Dentists developed their composite skills, our Hygienists practiced their Periodontal skills, our Nurses were blown away by their Autism and Learning Disability and Dementia training and our Front of House/Management gained so much from their Denplan overview. We all learnt so much.

If that was not enough we then had the pleasure of being educated and entertained by our two speakers John Makin from Dental Defence Union and Matt Ellison who is a transgender motivational speaker who discussed his own thought provoking experiences on change.

As you can see our mission to deliver clinical care and customer service to the highest possible standard is always at the forefront in all we do, even when we are not in practice!


At Treetops our goal is to help you to stay in the best dental health possible. If you fail to attend your scheduled appointments this could potentially mean a delay in providing you with preventative treatment and avoiding any emergencies over the longer term. October saw a total of 29 hours of lost clinical time to patients that failed to attend their appointments.

If you would like to reschedule your appointment please call us on 01902 842 555 or email us and we will gladly reschedule for you, this will avoid charges occurring.

At Treetops, we believe in delivering outstanding dental care and your cooperation helps us to give you the service you deserve and have come to know and trust. Thank you The Treetops Team


When I first started in dentistry hygienists were a rare commodity yet now they are a crucial cog in the wheel of preventative dentistry. Many years ago the focus in dentistry was ‘cure’ rather than ‘prevent’ times have changed and for the better too! As a profession we understand so much more about the role of plaque, sugar and saliva in our mouths and the impact they can have on our teeth, gums and overall general health.

It is quite interesting that the message about the effects of sugar has definitely been understood by society and this has had such a positive impact. However, as a profession we are still a step behind with educating people on how vital - an effective tooth brushing regime is on maintaining optimum dental health yet also the positive impact this can have on your overall health and well being. To highlight the importance even more, the latest research demonstrates a link between periodontal (gum) disease and systemic conditions such as; cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The clinical team at Treetops have been discussing how we can support our patients even more in understanding, implementing and achieving an effective oral health regime? The BSP (British Society of Periodontology) guidelines state that; sharing the importance of oral hygiene, encouraging and supporting behaviour change, and providing tailored advice are instrumental in building strong foundations. We discussed all of this with our in-house Periodontal Specialist and with our patients' needs at the forefront, we will be changing the length of your Hygienist Examinations as of January 2024. Your appointment time will change from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, allowing our hygienist clinicians more time to support your dental health and oral hygiene regime.

As always, abiding by our ‘patient first’ commitment - We listened to the experts, we listened to our clinical team, we embraced the new changing guidelines and we took action. Louise and The Treetops Team


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