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January 2024 Newsletter

The New Hygienist Examination at Treetops Dental Surgery 


Wishing all of our patients a happy 2024!  This January edition is dedicated to our wonderful Hygienist Team! As a practice we pride ourselves on communicating with our patients and we wanted to remind you that our hygienist appointments and our private fees have changed as of January 2024. 

You may remember in our recent newsletters that we shared with you how excited we were about introducing our new hygienist examinations with you. I have popped below a summary for your perusal: 

'The clinical team at Treetops have been discussing how we can support our patients even more in understanding, implementing and achieving an effective oral health regime? The BSP (British Society of Periodontology) guidelines state that; sharing the importance of tailored oral hygiene advice, encouraging and supporting behaviour change are instrumental in building strong foundations. We discussed all of this with our in-house Periodontal Specialist; Mr Hardeep Sahota and with our patients needs at the forefront, we have changed the length of your Hygienist Examinations as of January 15th 2024. Your appointment time will change from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, allowing our hygienist clinicians more time to support your dental and oral hygiene regime. 

For all of our patients who are on Denplan Care or Denplan Essentials these appointments are included in your plan.  For our private fee per item patients, the fee is £103 for this new comprehensive 30 minute hygienist appointment.As always, abiding by our ‘patient first’ commitment - We listened to the experts, we listened to our clinical team, we embraced the new changing guidelines and we took action.'

Have a wonderful January.



'Prevention is better than cure' Desiderius Erasmus


We have an experienced and dedicated team of hygienists who are incredibly focused on ensuring they provide you with the care and treatment you require yet also and most importantly share their professional opinion on how to maintain your tailored oral health regime at home.  Research suggests that gum disease is strongly linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia, diabetes and many other systemic conditions, so time spent with your hygienist is a real investment, not only in your oral health yet in your general health too!  

Kaye, Stacy, Emma, Grace and Jenisha sincerely hope that you value the new appointments and appreciate our commitment to developing our preventative approach.

Hear what our lovely Hygienists say about our new Hygiene appointments. 

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment and if you have any questions at all please do call our wonderful reception team and Kerrie, Helen, Vivienne or India would be delighted to chat with you.

Happy Sunday

The Treetops Team

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