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September 2023 Newsletter

A huge THANKYOU to each and every patient who has helped us in our Base 25 Campaign, what an achievement!!! We have received an incredible ....116 REVIEWS which have raised a whopping £600 for BASE 25 ..Just a small reminder Base 25 is a Wolverhampton charity which has been supporting children, young people and their families since 1998. We have had many conversations with patients in our waiting room and surgeries over the past few months about Base 25, we have given out Base 25 contact cards and listened to how some patients have been positively affected by this wonderful charity.

In the photograph above we had great pleasure in handing over the giant cheque to Alan Jarvis Head of Services and Keely Evans Chair of Board of Trustees for Base25 with Treetops Polly and Louise (complete with confetti cannon!)

Giving back to our community is so important to each and every Treetops Team member, we have supported Compton Hospice, The Haven and now Base 25 and to help such worthy local charities is such a wonderfully uplifting experience - we can not thank you all enough for helping us to help others!

With sincere thanks

Louise & The Treetops Team



During our recent recruitment process, we were often asked 'what it is like to work as a Dental Nurse'. So, we thought we would ask Emma, who is Treetops Lead Dental Nurse to tell us a little bit about what it is like on a typical working day.

Hi, I am Emma and I have been working for Treetops for 12 years so it is likely you have seen me at some point at your appointments. I first started work at Treetops as a trainee Dental Nurse then over time I became a Lead Nurse which is being the first point of call for the Nursing team and ensuring the surgeries and quality of care is of the highest standard. Not long after qualifying I then went onto qualify in Dental Radiography and Dental Impression Taking, and have since been busy gaining experience and knowledge in the Dental Implant process with Mr Ramrakha. The aspects of my job that I love the most, are the camaraderie with the team and patients and ensuring a smooth patient journey for all. When I am not in surgery, I am busy conducting compliance checks. The beauty of working at Treetops is that we all have the opportunity to gain further knowledge and experience. For example, one of our Nurse`s Jo has been accepted onto the Dental Radiography Course and is currently busy working away her evenings and weekends studying and increasing her skills and knowledge. Well done Jo! We know you have this!

A typical day for me would be once arriving at work, I have a brief catch-up and chat with my work colleagues, then I change into my dental scrubs and check my diary for the day. I am usually working with Dr Pankhania in Suite 2, so after a brief catch up with Dr Pankhania about the day ahead, I call our first patient in. The day will usually involve more patients young and old, and different treatments from crown to bridge preparations, impressions and cosmetic dentistry. Throughout the day I work with different members of the team, from the Practice Manager to the Laboratory Technician and the Reception Team – I have a varied role each day, this is why I enjoy working as a dental nurse.

We asked Emma some questions about her career in dental nursing and to reflect upon her working experience: Q: What qualities are needed to be an outstanding dental nurse? Someone who is organised, approachable and has a friendly caring nature, also someone that is a team player and works well with others. Q: What aspect of your work do you find most satisfying? Teamwork and making a difference to a patients smile; it is always lovely to see not only the physical difference with a patient`s smile but also the difference with their overall happiness. Q: What are the opportunities for career development? There are so many opportunities here, working alongside specialists such as Chris Burns, Endodontic Specialist, Hardeep Sahota, Periodontal Specialist, Sanjeev Ramrakha, Implantologist and our Orthodontic Clinician Vis Pather, these are not everyday occurrences in the dental field and lots of our team are attracted to Treetops due to the development possibilities! Furthermore, we have access to iComply (Compliance Forum) and iLearn (Learning platform with a plethora of courses at our fingertips!). Also and most importantly, what is quite special about Treetops is our want to learn from each other - we have such an experienced and qualified team who really respect each other and this is priceless! Q: Have you been involved in any emergency situations? Thankfully no, although I am confident that if an emergency situation were to happen because we are all trained in CPR and first aid annually, coupled with regular updates, I would easily remember my training. I am also doubly confident because I would have the support of my Team behind me.

Thank you Emma & congratulations to Jo and enjoy your training!


Denplan really is the most cost-effective way of being a Private Treetops Patient.

August’s 2023'Denplan Awards Winner' saved a huge £1654 being a new Denplan member!

What would you spend your savings on?

The most regular question we are asked is, 'I have been a patient of Treetops for years, am I still allowed to join?'

The answer is YES!

We formally invite you....existing and new patients.

Keeping your dental health a priority in 2023 is our focus. We therefore invite all of our patients who are not on one of our dental plans the opportunity to join. Our private fees increased on January 1st 2023 and this has highlighted even more, the savings you can make by being a member of Treetops Denplan.

If you would like more information or to simply register, please call our friendly reception team.


My name is Asad, one of the General Dentists from Treetops Dental Surgery. Many of my patients since starting at Treetops, have enquired about composite bonding as they wish to change the appearance of their teeth within a single visit or two. I felt it would be useful to share some information as to what this procedure entails and what to expect if you wish to have it carried out.

Here are some key points to consider when discussing composite bonding:

Composite bonding is a minimally-invasive cosmetic dental procedure that involves the application of a tooth-coloured material (composite resin) to the teeth. The resin is carefully shaped and moulded to achieve the desired appearance, and then it is set using a special light. This procedure is commonly used to fix minor dental imperfections such as chipped, discoloured, or misshapen teeth.


Composite bonding can be used to address a variety of dental issues, including chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration. It is a versatile solution that can help enhance the overall aesthetics

of a patient's smile. It can also be used to enhance the final smile following aligning and whitening teeth to achieve that glamorous smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Natural Appearance:

The composite resin used in bonding is colour-matched to the patient's natural teeth or can be matched to one’s teeth after whitening has been carried out, ensuring a seamless and

natural-looking result. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the bonded tooth and the surrounding natural teeth.

Minimally Invasive:

Composite bonding is a conservative treatment option compared to more invasive procedures like dental veneers or crowns. It usually requires minimal to no removal of the tooth enamel, helping to preserve the natural tooth structure.


In most cases, the bonding procedure does not require anesthesia, unless it is being used to treat a cavity or to fill a decayed tooth.

Quick Procedure:

Composite bonding is typically completed in a single dental visit, making it a convenient option for patients seeking immediate cosmetic improvements.


Following a consultation exploring your wishes and desired outcomes for your smile, if composite bonding is deemed a suitable option, the dentist will begin by selecting the appropriate shade of composite resin to match the patient's teeth. The tooth surface is then prepared by placing an acidic gel which etches it. The etching process helps the bond material adhere more effectively prior to the composite material being added.

Layering Technique:

The composite resin is applied in layers, with each layer being cured (hardened) using a special curing light. This layering process allows the dentist to sculpt and shape the resin to achieve the desired look.

Sculpting and Shaping:

The dentist sculpts and shapes the resin as it is applied to the tooth. This involves careful contouring to create a natural tooth shape and in harmony with the patient’s existing bite.


Once the composite resin is in place and shaped, the dentist will polish it to a smooth finish. This polishing not only enhances the appearance but also helps prevent staining and wear over time.


While composite bonding is not as durable as materials like porcelain, it is still relatively strong and can last several years with proper care. Patients are advised to practice good home oral hygiene as well as regular dental attendance to ensure longevity of their composite bonding.


Regular oral hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, routine dental check-ups and hygiene visits are essential to maintain the longevity and appearance of the bonded teeth.


Composite bonding may not be suitable for more extensive dental issues. In cases where significant tooth reconstruction is needed, other options like veneers or crowns might be recommended.


Composite bonding is generally more cost-effective than other cosmetic dental procedures like veneers or crowns, making it a popular choice for patients looking to enhance their smiles without breaking the bank.

Overall, composite bonding offers a quick, minimally invasive, and aesthetically pleasing solution for individuals seeking to improve the appearance of their teeth. However, the suitability of this procedure varies from case to case, and it's important for patients to consult with a qualified dentist to determine the best treatment plan for their specific needs. For an example of composite bonding please look at a recent case below in the 'Treatment Gallery' section.

If you wish to explore further, please book with one of the dentists at Treetops Dental Surgery for a consultation and we will be more than happy to help.


'Your smile is our reputation'

Thank you Dr Butt and Nurse Jodie for sharing this amazing amalgam to composite filling transformation!

'Bring out the best in you with a whiter smile.'

Boutique Whitening is one of the most straightforward, safe and effective solutions to brighten and whiten your teeth. Boutique whitening can only be provided by a dentist who will make sure you are suitable. High concentration whitening gels are not available online due to the associated safety concerns. As you can see this patient has a noticeable difference in shade and stains are all but banished!.

Thank Dr Bhamber and Nurse Jo

'Your smile is your best outfit'

This patient had a bridge made at Treetops some 20 years ago. Despite great Oral Hygiene the bridge developed decay underneath both retaining teeth and needed removal. This patient didn't want dental implants so we decided to remove the teeth and roots of the old bridge and made her a larger porcelain zirconia bridge. I am so happy with how the fake teeth (pontics) sit on the gum and the preparations underneath. Outside of Denplan this treatment would of cost £3500 but on Denplan the price was just 25% of that.

Thank you Dr Bhamber and Nurse Jo!

'Enhance your smile simply and beautifully'

Composite bonding offers a quick, minimally invasive, and aesthetically pleasing solution for patients seeking to improve the appearance of their teeth. Above is a fantastic example of composite bonding and how a simple treatment can make all the difference to your smile.


Wow! Connor`s before and after treatment photographs really are giving us the wow factor! What fantastic results. Well done Dr Pather and Nurse Simi and thank you Connor for being an amazing patient and for always doing as you are told!

Thank you Dr Pather and Nurse Simi for Connor`s incredible result.


Can we all give a huge Treetops welcome to our new Hygienist Nihal Sanjeev!

Nihal joins us with a wealth of experience and expertise to get your teeth in tip top condition.

At your next Hygiene appointment with Nihal he will:

Offer tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health and demonstrate techniques you can use at home.

Scale your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar build-up in those areas brushing cannot reach

Performa clean and polish to remove any superficial stains on your teeth

A dental hygiene appointment is a great way to learn about the best methods to maintain your dental health at home and to get that deep down, fresh and clean feeling and to increase your confidence in your oral health.

Book your Hygiene appointment today 01902 842 555


Gentle Reminder for Routine Examinations

As you know we all love what we do and we especially love being a family focused practice. We have had patients who have been children at our practice and who now bring along their own families. We have always been extremely mindful of being able to offer our regular private adult patients the opportunity for their children to be seen under the NHS whilst they are under 18 years. We would therefore gently remind our private adult patients should you not have had an examination in the last 12 months then please do call the practice to arrange your routine check up, allowing us the opportunity to continue to treat you all as a family.


As always if you like our newsletters, please do not keep them a secret, feel free to share them far and wide.

Not forgetting if the Treetops Team and their Newsletters make you smile, we would love you to leave us a GOOGLE REVIEW, it really has never been easier... just hover your camera over our QR Code or visit our Website and click on Write a Review.

You could be our next Google review milestone winner of number 500 and receive a special Treetops gift!

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