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June 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Dear Treetops Patients

We are so excited to share that our newsletter this month has so many uplifting stories, one being our very own Polly Bhambra on the front cover of the BDJ! Amongst all of our stories this month though, nothing can top the announcement of the retirement of one wonderful lady, our receptionist Linda. Linda as so many of you will know has been an integral part of the Treetops team for a whopping 28 years - the stories Linda shares about her Treetops Journey we are certain, if she put pen to paper would top the best selling list!

I am sure you will all understand that sometimes you meet a person and they really are the salt of the earth, they have the ability to combine humour, humility, kindness to leave a positive footstep wherever they walk - one of these unique and precious people is Linda. I know that past and present team members feel exactly the same and this is why we may be sad to see her hang up her mouse, keyboard and Treetops scarf, yet rather than focus on what we will miss, we would rather celebrate the difference she has made to each and every one of us, by simply being Linda!

We had a wonderful surprise celebration, which was disguised initially to Linda as a Monthly Team Meeting. Once the shock had settled - we started with a 'Quiz about Linda', followed by a tear jerking, heartwarming video with past and present team members, home and abroad, sharing their love and stories about Linda. We then presented some beautiful thoughtful gifts - I can share that Linda and quite a few of the team did go through a fair amount of tissues !!

Linda, you deserve a retirement full of good health, fun times, an abundance of love and a lifetime of happiness, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing 28 years with Treetops - you really are one of a kind!

The Treetops Team hope you thoroughly enjoy our newsletter and we all wish you a wonderful June.

Louise & The Treetops Team

`The Dental Nurse with fire in her belly`

We are so proud to share with you that our much loved practice owner Polly Bhambra has managed to find herself on the front cover of the prestigious British Dental Journal (BDJ) for May 2023!

The BDJ Team magazine is an online publication for the whole Dental Team that features a wide range of articles, giving advice, news and information on dental products. We hope you can see to achieve front cover of this magazine is a phenomenal achievement.

In the May edition, Polly talks about her amazing journey into Dentistry from being a young 16 year old trainee dental nurse to now being able to call herself a dental nurse and trainer, examiner for the NEBDN, a proud practice owner and philanthropist. Polly has proven many sceptics wrong along the way and her formidable passion and drive to always achieve an ethical approach to life and dentistry is truly inspirational.

Well done Polly, the Treetops Team are so proud of you!

If you would like to read Polly`s amazing dental journey, just type the link below into your search bar (after you’ve read our Newsletter of course)!

Congratulations to our funny, sweet and fabulous Dental Nurse Amelia for passing her Dental Nursing exams, we are so proud of you! You are now a Treetops Qualified Dental Nurse, we knew you could do it.

You may of noticed if you had an appointment on the 18th May that we wore green for “wear it green day” to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Research shows that far too many of us in the UK are struggling with anxiety and are finding ways to cope increasingly difficult, especially in this harsh financial climate we find ourselves in.

There are lots of ways that you can support Mental Health Awareness, whether this be a donation, or organising a wear it green day event any time of the year – they are a great way to get people together to start having open conversations about mental health, at the same time as raising money.

If the more adventurous of you would like to choose a charity but are not sure who to fundraise for then The Mental Health Foundation have skydives and other challenge events run all year round too, so if you’re feeling inspired, there’s plenty to choose from. Finally, Brompton Bicycle have donated a fantastic folding bike which you could win in their special prize draw in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. Just check out their website on and maybe you will be the lucky owner of a top of the range Brompton bike!

You have to be in it to win it - enter by June 9th 2023.

Most of all, the Treetops Team want to thank everyone who got involved in Mental Health Awareness Week this year – your support means they are able to continue creating a world with good mental health for all.

One of Wolverhampton's best kept secrets...Base25

Following on from Mental Health Awareness week, please may we introduce you to, Base25. This charity have been supporting children, young people and families in shaping their lives since 1998. This is Treetops chosen charity for July and August and we will be proudly raising awareness of and fundraising for during this period and we hope that you will join us in our quest.

Some of the Treetops Team had the pleasure of meeting with Alan Jarvis who is the Head of Service at Base25. He gave us a great insight into how Base25 works. We were all blown away by the commitment that the youth workers and team demonstrate to help vulnerable children and adults in our lovely city of Wolverhampton. It is not an exaggeration to say their level of commitment is mind blowing. For example Base 25 works with approximately 9000 children and young people and 1000 adults each year, who otherwise may be waiting for public funded mental health services for as long as 18 months. These figures are a stark reminder how the vulnerable could slip through the net without their support.

The need to increase their service has intensified significantly in recent years and the ages of people using their services ranges from 3 years to 80 years old!. Given the current climate and economic pressures we now face, more people from all backgrounds and ages are seeking help, including families.

We found it incredibly inspiring when Alan shared with us that Base25 is largely funded by donations and this made us realise how every little helps. An example of how charitable donations are spent, is a family bushcraft day led by a Base25 youth worker which can cost in excess of £500. This is a vital experience to teach emotional and physical skills to each family member allowing them to reconnect in a safe and calm environment. At Treetops we hope to raise enough during the months of July and August to gift a Wolverhampton family in need, a `bushcraft day`. Base25 is so accessible, They can be reached through their city center drop in base, outreach locations, community venues/schools, detached youth workers, digital platforms, email or telephone. They deliver their services 7 days a week, 365 days a year, making sure no one is left to fend for themselves.

We hope you agree Base25 is a very worthy charity to support.

To find out more about Base25, just check out their website on or their social media pages: or IG base25_ or continue to follow Treetops social media pages.

`Colleague of the Month`

As our regular readers know, each month we hold a Treetops Colleague of the Month when we ask the team to vote for a colleague that has demonstrated some of our Treetops core values; a team member that has added a real positive vibe to their month, has been inspired by their work ethic, gone above and beyond with an open mind and has demonstrated something special towards each other. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and team camaraderie so what better way to add an extra layer of appreciation than acknowledging each other and showing how valued we really are.

So for the month of April our worthy winner was Nikki!

Here are a few of the lovely words Nikki`s colleagues had to say that earned her the coveted title of "Colleague of the Month"

Nikki shows fantastic work ethic and commitment, she even continued to work with a broken thumb. After a career break from nursing, Nikki has jumped straight back in as though she has never been away. Nikki is dedicated and professional.

Teamwork- Nikki is always willing to help others, she always utilises her time well, gets the job done. She makes everyone’s day brighter.

She’s good at her job, she’s good at decon. Nikki is a positive person that impacts me greatly.

Nikki is such an amazing person to work with and she always makes me smile. Never stop being you Nikki, because you are truly amazing and you should be proud of yourself.

Nikki is always so willing to help anyone, goes above and beyond always, no matter what is going on personally. Always smiling, professional and an exceptional team member. I always know that everything is in safe hands.

Nikki is so helpful, she puts up with all my poking fun at her. She is hard-working and is so dedicated. Nikki makes the place friendlier and happier.

Well done Nikki and very well deserved.

Denplan really is the most cost effective way of being a Private Treetops Patient, the savings in 2023 will be even greater, watch this space...

May`s 2023 'Denplan Awards Winner' saved an absolutely massive £2064.00 in the past twelve months by being a Treetops Denplan member!

What would you spend your savings on?

The most regular question we are asked is, 'I have been a patient of Treetops for years, am I still allowed to join?' The answer is YES!

Just call our friendly reception team on 01902 842 555, signing up really is easy, the sooner you join the sooner you save!

We formally invite you....existing and new patients.

Keeping your dental health a priority in 2023 is our focus. We therefore invite all of our patients who are not on one of our dental plans the opportunity to join. Our private fees increased on January 1st 2023 and this has highlighted even more, the savings you can make by being a member of Treetops Denplan.

If you would like more information or to simply register, please call our friendly reception team.

Having a clean and polish is great, it gets rid of any hard deposits (calculus), removes plaque and stains and leaves your teeth feeling super smooth and looking better. It helps to treat and/ or prevent gum diseases, but as hygienists we only 'have' your teeth for a short while; they're under your care rest of the time. So a vital part of your appointment with us is education - how best to look after your teeth all the time.

A crucial part of our job is prevention. Advice about preventing gum disease, sensitivity and decay. Or how to prevent an existing condition from worsening. Gum disease is caused by plaque, decay is caused by bacteria metabolising sugars into acid; so if you know the best way to thoroughly remove plaque bacteria this will prevent decay, gingivitis (reversible) and periodontitis ( not reversible).

A hygienist can tell you what type of gum disease you have, what stage and grading it is, what that means in real terms, how to treat and manage it. The risks of no treatment, the treatment options- the pros and cons, and exactly what that will involve. The effects that good oral hygiene and treatment will have on your oral and general health, as diabetes and cardiovascular disease both have bi directional effects with gum disease.

We assess your mouth and what is best for you, for example interdental brushes such as tepe or icon are seen as the gold standard - they clean really well removing trapped food and create friction to remove the sticky biofilm that is plaque. But they come in a variety of sizes; so it's great to have instruction of what size to use where, a lot of the time we'll demonstrate it in your mouth and give you samples to take home and try. There are some people who just can't get on with them- difficulty accessing back teeth or not being able to angle the brush exactly due to teeth not being in perfect alignment means tepes/ icons can crumple. A hygienist would be able to advise an alternative method of interdental cleaning, such as an easy pick ( a rubbery interdental brush) or for a patient with compromised manual dexterity i.e someone with arthritis in their hands- an automatic water flosser.

We look at you holistically, not just gums and teeth. so please remember there is so much more to a hygienist appointment than just a scale and polish!

In May we had the pleasure of sharing two Team Birthdays and one Treetops Anniversary!

We wished Happy Birthday and Happy 6 year Anniversary to our multi talented Dental Nurse Kira......Kira started life at Treetops on her birthday.. how is that for dedication!

Also Happy Birthday to Dr Amandeep Bhamber!

We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays and anniversaries with these valued Treetops Team members! .

`Brace yourself.....or should we say Invisalign?`

Words almost fail us when we marvel at this fantastic transformation by the incredibly talented Dr Amandeep Bhamber and Nurse Jo. They have managed to transform both arches using Invisalign and finished with teeth whitening in a very impressive 9 months! We hope you will agree that the results speak for themselves.

Well done Dr Bhamber and Nurse Jo, fantastic work.

`We fought tooth and nail to get you this photograph.!`

From broken and decayed, to a bright and perfectly formed tooth thanks to Dr Amit Pankhania and Nurse Emma for this marvelous composite build up!

Well done both!

'Because we always tell the tooth!.'

This wonderful transformation by our lovely Dr Amandeep Bhamber and Nurse Jo shows the importance of using your retainer for some time after your orthodontics work has been completed. Our lovely patient no longer had her retainer so it wasn't used, although only slight, this led to her teeth moving position. Thankfully to restore the teeth back to their desired position again only took 3 months using Invisalign.

Well done both, this is a lovely result.

'Eat, Sleep, make beautiful smiles, repeat!.'

Dr Amandeep Bhamber and Nurse Jo have done it again!

For this patient, the Invisalign treatment time took just a mere 12 months on both arches with some whitening at the end of treatment. We think this is a Hollywood smile.

Well done both, this is a lovely result.

‘Treetops Commitment to our Community’

They have only gone and done it!!!! The Panthers are league champions in their first season, what an amazing accomplishment!.

A 4-0 win over Halas FC secured the table and the celebrations began. It was a fantastic performance from all the players.

The Team is made up of year 6's which should be u11's however they didn't want to let the team down so they have carried on playing up a year against some bigger girls which to us just shows what grit and determination as well as passion the girls have for the team.

To be unbeaten in the last 16 league matches just proves that these girls possess such spirit and never ending talent.

Well done girls! And well done to Oliver and Adam the teams coaches and thank you to everyone who has joined us on this amazing journey. I think we can see on the picture below that Adam, Oliver and the girls enjoyed the after match celebrations!

Thank you to all of our patients for your support.

From the Treetops Team

As always if you like our newsletters, please do not keep them a secret, feel free to share them far and wide.

Not forgetting if the Treetops Team and their Newsletters make you smile, we would love you to leave us a GOOGLE REVIEW, it really has never been easier... just hover your camera over our QR Code or visit our Website and click on Write a Review.

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